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Interested in Learning more about Personal Catastrophe Liability Insurance?  Want a free insurance review?  Fill out the contact information or give us a call.

Unfortunately, bad things happen from time to time. And sometimes really bad things—a horrific car crash or a tragic accident in your backyard. These types of catastrophic losses could wipe you out financially if you’re not protected properly.

That’s why Erie Insurance offers personal catastrophe liability coverage, so you’ll have peace of mind, if something serious ever happens. Give yourself and your family an extra layer of liability protection over and above your auto, home or boat policies in case you (or a covered family member) are sued because of an accident.

Policy Features:

ERIE's MastercoverSM Policy1 includes an additional $1 million in coverage (up to $5 million available for purchase) for covered personal injury and property damage claims brought against you or eligible family members. The policy covers things like bodily injury and emotional stress as well as libel, slander, false arrest, invasion of privacy and destruction of property.

For example, ERIE's MastercoverSM Policy1 offers you:

  • A higher level of coverage over and above your personal auto policy, if a covered driver causes an accident and is liable for injury to others or property damage.

  • A higher level of coverage over and above your home insurance policy, if someone is hurt on your property.

  • Worldwide coverage for you and family members living in your household, if you or they become obligated to pay for damages due to a covered accident.2

  • Coverage for the cost of investigation and defense of claims for personal injury or property damage, if it’s not covered by your primary policy.

ERIE’s policies also come with award-winning claims service (we’ll be there when you need us.)Affordable protection is just a phone call away. Contact a local ERIE Agent today to talk about adding this valuable protection to your ERIE policy. Be sure to ask your Agent whether you could get an extra $1 million dollars in liability coverage for less than $20 month. You may be surprised by how much coverage you could purchase for a relatively modest premium.

1) See individual policies for specific coverage details. Certain terms and limitations may apply. Refer to our disclaimer.

2) Not all acts are covered. Intended or expected acts are not covered, except reasonable acts committed to protect persons or property. Acts as an officer or board member of a for-profit corporation or organization are not covered. Injury or damage arising out of the act of rendering or failing to render professional services are not covered.

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