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Renter's insurance is something that many individuals do not think about when they decide to rent a home or an apartment.  Are you a renter?  Think about all of the things you have with you in your rental (clothes, appliances, entertainment systems, etc.).  When a loss occurs, an insurance company can be there for you to help you replace those important items.  Not only that, but having renters insurance protects you from lawsuits as well!  


Just like a typical homeowner policy, renters insurance gives you a certain amount of liability coverage (we go no less than $500,000) to cover you for things you or your dependents may be personally liable for (damages to property, injuries to others, etc.).  


Another great feature a renters policy has is medical payments coverage.  This coverage provides each individual you invite into the home up to $5,000 of "immediate medical expense" coverage, just in case they were to slip and fall or injure themselves another way on your property.  


There is much more to a renter's policy than this and we would love to help you learn more about what our companies can offer you and your family.


Interested in Learning more about Renters Insurance?  Want a free insurance review?  Fill out the contact information or give us a call.

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